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Artist Statement

My work gears towards pop culture and conceptual art. My interest is in the food industry, how what we eat affects us, the fact that worldwide many people have varying degrees of food access, and that we sometimes eat genetically-modified food in the United States. For instance, in “Orange Bliss,” I associated yellow bananas with happiness. However, when I spray painted them, days later they became stinky and inedible. In “Dirty Polaroid,” and “Shelter,” I expanded on the manipulation of real food, producing it in different mediums (wax, plaster, and spray paint). “Shelter” signifies farm grown food. I created “Pizza Float” with wood to signify one of my guilty pleasures, despite my lactose intolerance. 

I am not only interested in food, but also observing people and my environment. “Caution” is my surveillance of traffic throughout the day. “Reflective Decapitation” corresponds with “Caution,” a consequence faced when people are not paying attention to their surroundings. “Airy Words” is an observation of conversations around me. “A Man and his Pets” signifies movement in a nostalgic way.

Pop culture, food production, and observing my environment are important facets of my artistic practice and will continue to influence my artistic endeavors.


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